Leveraging over ten years of experience, HydroPeptide uses its expertise to formulate safe, efficient results-driven products; each created through the latest peer-reviewed research and clinical studies. Our scientists relentlessly analyze the safest and most effective anti-aging ingredients. Our proprietary technology offers the most powerful non-invasive anti-aging response without losing the luxurious experience your skin richly deserves. We have developed four anti-aging collections to address normal, sensitive, and adult acne-prone skin and targeted skin solutions.


HydroPeptide features VLR technology – using the correct variety of peptides applied at clinical levels with continuous repetition for superior anti-aging results. Powered with over sixty peptides, antioxidants, growth factor activating extracts and hyaluronic acid, HydroPeptide has perfected the combination of science and aesthetics, creating simple customizable daily care and professional treatment solutions for a range of skin care concerns that are free of harsh chemicals, parabens, phthalates, and gluten.


With more than a decade of protein biology research and experience, Dr. Kitchen brings a unique perspective to the skin care industry. Dr. Kitchen has an extensive research background in epigenetic regulation and cellular signaling responses, including a background in aging mechanisms at the molecular level. “I am truly excited for the opportunity to bring my experience and knowledge in molecular and cellular health to the skin care industry,” says Dr. Kitchen. “I have admired the passion and potential for this industry to make a significant impact to the physical and emotional well-being of its customers and believe that the future of health and medicine will be driven by the changes and technology being applied to skin care regimens. We are living in an excited period where cellular health and maintenance are driving research and development. I am honored to be part of the HydroPeptide team committed to revolutionizing the industry.”


At HydroPeptide, we are dedicated to understanding the cutting-edge peer-reviewed research to ensure we develop the most advanced skin care products. Our ingredients and formulations undergo clinical studies to ensure the products deliver on their promised results. We consider it a great responsibility to put our formulations through exhaustive evaluation and quality control before they arrive in your hands. That way, the only concern you will have to achieving age-defying results is the diligent application of each product.


KNOW YOUR INGREDIENTS The HydroPeptide R&D team has been meticulous at developing award-winning formulations free of harsh chemicals, parabens, and phthalates. Still, it can sometimes be hard to understand what a particular ingredient is, why it is part of the formulation, and what anti-aging benefits it offers. We have made this ingredient table to help you on your quest to figuring it out! Use the ingredient list or search tool to look up a particular ingredient. Still need to know more? Feel free to contact us at and we will be happy to address any additional concerns.
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